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1 Glennan, Donagh & Glaslough


6 km

Time to Complete:
20 minutes

Mostly flat



  1. From your starting point at Drumlin Trails base set off in the direction of Glaslough. Beyond Glendun Sales factory on your left you will see what remains of the lime-kiln at the bend.
  2. To your right at the next farmyard St. Patrick's well was located at the bend this side of the Mountain river at Glennan but is now concreted over.
  3. Nearby, also in Glennan was where the furniture makers operated, possibly to the left at the first junction.
  4. Turning right off the Emyvale/Glaslough road opposite the Presbyterian church was the quarry now filled in.
  5. Taking the next left turn will bring you past the Glaslough Villa F.C. soccer pitchon your left.
  6. Continue forward until you reach the next junction at the bottom of a slight hill. Ride straigh through this junction along the laneway which brings you to Donagh old graveyard.
  7. On your return from the graveyard at the bottom of the laneway turn right in the direction of Glaslough. This leads to a T-junction where you turn left towards Glaslough village. The Old GNR waiting rooms and platform are to your right going forward.
  8. At this junction of the Emyvale/Glaslough road turn left in the direction of Emyvale. As you turn, on the hillside to your right is a circular grove of trees which outlines Drumbanagher Viking fort.
  9. As you continue over the brow of the slight hill toward Emyvale St Mary's RC Church comes into view on your left. Taking a left towards the church will lead you to a plaque at the front near the grotto side commemorating Willim Carleton the nineteenth century novelist who studied here. Returning from here to the Emyvale/Glaslough road take left for return journey home.

Points of Interest

  1. Remnants of of an old lime-kiln on the left at the bend beyond Glendun Sales factory
  2. St Patrick’s well (no longer visible to your right before you cross the river at Glennan.
  3. Here at Glennan was once the workplace of over 100 carpenters engaged in the manufacture of household furniture sold at markets throughout the County and beyond.
  4. Opposite the Presbyterian Church was the quarry owned by McKay family from where most of the headstones in Donagh old graveyard were excavated. One of the McKays was a sculptor and chiselled out many of the fine memorial engravings to be found in Donagh.
  5. Soccer pitch (a reminder that Honest John McKenna who founded the Liverpool F.C., came from this parish.
  6. Donagh old graveyard contains remnants of an old monastic settlement, the McKenna or Donagh cross, burial plot of the last of the McKenna chiefs etc.,.
  7. Glaslough Rail station
  8. Drumbanagher Viking fort and last battle stand of the McKenna chief Major John McKenna.
  9. Glennan R.C. church and site of the Classical school taught by Rev John Keenan CC and attended by William Carleton the famous 19th century novelist.


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